Save the Dates Magnets

Save The Dates Magnets Save the dates magnets are becoming a trend these days. They are a creative means of announcing events and sending invitations. Designing personalized dates magnets are a lot easier, cheaper and more fun to do. To create your artistic and original save the dates magnets you are going to need the following:

  • Coloring Materials
  • Self-timed Camera (preferably with tripod)
  • Image editing software
  • Photo printer
  • Photo papers
  • Magnetic papers
  • Paper cutter

How to Make Your Own Save the Dates Magnets

  • Take a picture of yourself or the people who will take part in the event. Set the camera to a preferred setting that will match the theme of the event or whatever style you would prefer your save the dates magnets to have. Also set a presentable background where you will take the picture. It is also best to take into consideration what other people might prefer to see as presentable design since it is them who will be receiving the save the dates magnets.

  • Edit the photo you have taken using any preferred image editing software. Crop the picture if necessary. An acceptable size would be a 2 inch by 3 inch rectangular frame. But then again, you also have to base it on your purpose and theme that you will have for the event.

  • Put details about the event such as date, place, names of people organizing and participating in the event, special guests, etc. But more details would crowd a small-sized save the dates magnets. Only put the most important information that invitees would need to know.

  • Add designs to your save the dates magnets. There are image editing software available that have templates and customizable designs specifically set for making save the dates magnets. But it will also be a great idea if you make use of your own creativity. The invitation will become more personalized.

  • Print the design on a high quality photo printer. You may also opt to go to printing shops that have specialized high quality printers for such purposes. Consider the quality of the photo paper you will use in printing your design.

  • With the adhesive of the magnetic paper exposed, carefully line up the photo on it. Press them together firmly to smoothen both papers and to remove air bubbles.
  • Trim your save the dates magnets to your preferred border edges.

You might also want to create more than one design for the same event or make more save the dates magnets for different events, a good means of productively using your time and creativity.