Cheap Save the Dates

Cheap save the dates aren’t bad or unoriginal save the dates. In fact, the personal touch will make even very cheap save the dates which cost you nothing but some of you time, paper, glue and paints, or some money spent on printing the photos, the most exciting and memorable save the dates.

Cheap save the dates ideas

Cheap save the dates postcards can be designed in a number of ways. You can easily make cheap save the dates magnets from these cards.

  • I saw a couple who wrote on their foreheads “Save the Date” “Or we wrote on our foreheads for nothing” and made picture of their faces close to one another. Some may find such photo save the dates a bit excentric but the idea is very original and their save the date magnet definitely hit the goal.
  • My friends (now happily married) wrote their save-the-date on the fence old fence and took a photo with in in the background. Again, quite excentric but fun!
  • Make your own save the dates. If you don’t find plain colored paper quite impressive and the idea of using glue scary, buy some sticky colored paper (both glossy and matted) - that will look more professional and expensive. You can get it really cheap if you search property - scraps and ends may be dirt cheap, but the resulting cheap save the dates cards will look gorgeous and expensive! Use sticky film paper to decorate your photos and date-the-date message printed on a common printer.
  • Buy a pack of magnets or magnetic rubber tape - they are really cheap - and attach a piece to your date the date invitation card. You can also use magnetic sheet as a basic for your save the date card.

Cheap Save the Dates Save the dates magnets are the most expensive of cheap save the dates. However, they will be the most effective cheap save the date invitations, because unlike even the most beautiful and cheap save the date cards, they can be attached to the fridge door - the place your invitees will definitely look at several times a day.

Cheap save the date cards for weddings are the easiest to design in photoshop on any other graphic editor and print out. Printing services may be available and you nearest supermarket, no need shipping or other expenses.

Ordering Magnet Save the Dates Cheap

  • There are a number of tricks that help you get save the dates magnets cheap. First of all, search for coupons online. Today, most companies offer coupon discounts if you enter a special coupon code when placing an order. Coupon discounts on save the dates may be 50% or even more. Buying without using a coupon code is actually overpaying.
  • If you are not sure yet how many guests you are going to invite, order a larger supply of cheap wedding save the dates - that will be way cheaper than ordering more when you discover the shortage.
  • Don’t order custom designs, the chance that someone else gives your guests cheap save the dates designed in the same way is very low. The choice of templates for save the dates magnets and cards offered by printing companies is very large!