Save the Dates for Weddings

Save the Dates for WeddingsRead this article to know everything about save the dates for weddings. If you are preparing for the most important event in your life - your wedding day - You have come to the right page! This article will give you ideas on the first thing that you should do - announcing your wedding date.

Do’s on save the dates for weddings

1) You have to keep your wedding announcement simple. You do not need to put specific information about your wedding such as the names of your entourage. What you can indicate perhaps are details such as the location especially if your wedding is out of town. This will help your guests plan their activities. You have to go the extra mile as well like you can get group discounts for the airline tickets or hotel accommodations.

2) You have to send your save the date card at least six to eight months prior your wedding day. You have to take in consideration your guests who are coming from out of town who need to make special arrangements.

3) Be creative, unique ad stylish in preparing your save the dates magnets. If you have a formal wedding, it is advisable that you prepare a formal layered save the date card with an envelope. However, if you have a fun themed wedding you have limitless options. For instance, your wedding will be on fall. Send a card in a shape of a leaf with your wedding date. Or if you have a beach wedding, send flip flops key chain with a card attached on it. Or for a movie themed wedding, you can send a card in a movie ticket form. With your creativity and imagination, you can prepare wonderful save the date cards.

4) You have to follow with a wedding invitation your save the date card. All the guests who will receive a save the date card must receive an invitation.

Don’ts on save the dates for weddings

1) Emails or e-vites do not count as save the dates. It is not appropriate to use the internet in sending notice cards. Always send hardcopies.

2) If you decided to allow your invited guest to bring someone on your wedding, make sure that you address the save the date card to the person and the guest. You have to keep in mind the guests who have companions.

3) You should not forget to send save the date cards to your VIPs such as your bridal entourage and even your parents. It doesn’t mean that they have roles in your wedding, they will not be sent. Remember they should feel that they are your valued guests.

Save the dates for weddings are not necessary but it would be good to send all your guests. This is one way of telling your guests in advance in order for them to plan their schedule. Your guests will appreciate your gesture in telling them in advance your wedding date especially if your wedding day falls on a holiday weekend. This would avoid conflicting plans on your guests. It will be of great advantage as well on your part to have a good number of attendees.