Unique and Creative Save the Dates Ideas

Are you thinking of unique and creative save the dates ideas? Continue reading to know more about save the date.

Save the date is one of the important aspects in wedding preparations especially if you want to have all your invited guests make it on your wedding day. This is the best way to tell your guests in advance the date of the most important day of your life – your wedding. If you distribute save the date cards, you will help your guests plan their schedule especially if they are coming from miles away and they are very busy with their work.

Save the Dates Ideas

Your wedding is a joyous occasion which you would like to celebrate with your family, friends and relatives. If you want to have a positive turnout of your guests, it is best to give save the date cards. Below are some of the unique and creative save the dates ideas that you might consider.

1) You might consider having mini calendar. Print in an attractive card the month of your wedding day. Highlight, encircle or mark your wedding date. Include your name - the bride and the groom. To make it more personalized, you may include your pictures on the mini calendar. Do not forget to include in your save the date mini calendar that your wedding invitation will follow.

2) Another one of the creative save the dates ideas that you could consider is refrigerator magnets. It is cute and at the same time something that is useful. Your guests will not forget your wedding date because they will always see it on their refrigerator. The good thing about this is you can make your own save the date refrigerator magnets. You will only need an inkjet printer, cardboard papers and magnets. There are magnet sheets available in the office supply stores.

3) Souvenir items are a unique save the date. This is ideal if you have a destination wedding. For instance, you have a beach wedding. You can buy key chains coming from the place of your wedding and attach a date card on it. Another example is, if you are going to get married in New York City, you can buy a mini replica of the statue of liberty and include a card with the details on it.

4) You might want to consider having a themed card. Your card will depend on the theme of your wedding. For instance, you and your partner love to travel. Your theme is about traveling and trying for new adventure. You can make a save the date card in the form of an airline ticket.

Save the dates ideas are not mandatory. You consider distributing save the dates should your guests are coming from different places, if you have guests who need to be notified first for events and don’t have a clear schedule or if your wedding date falls on a holiday.

There are many unique and creative options you can choose from. There are endless possibilities. All you need is your imagination and creativity.  It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even make your own save the dates magnets and cards if you want to.